Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Don't let July fool you!

July and August are the coldest months of the year for us. Today sees me looking more like the abominable snow-woman with 5 layers on, 2 pairs of socks and my warm sheep skin slippers. We did our deskwork around the warm fire as it was too cold out in the school room.

My little guy and I put on some real winter comfort food earlier. Beef stew and dumplings and we will make some sago pudding for afterwards. (Here comes that kilogram I lost!).

But even with this cold I have to think ahead to Spring - just over 6 weeks away. For 2 weeks in this busiest gardening month I will be in the UK with my elder daughter having "The Homeschool Fieldtrip of a Lifetime!" Therefore I have to think ahead and get organized for spring plantings.

When I went to the last organic and natural expo I bought a wonderful visual chart that tells me what I can plant for my region month by month. You can get them and lots of other information from which works in creating food gardens in underpriviledged areas.

This month I can start my tomatoes as well as carry on with my winter seeds of peas, chard and broad beans. August has double what July has and I can start my seeds of squash and peppers and lots of other direct planted seeds like corn and beans.

I am going to start them all off early in my potmaker pots so that come September they can go into the ground. Doing it this way also allows the winter veggies to carry on growing a little longer before being rooted up to make way for the new spring veggies.


Lois Evensen said...

So very busy. Yes, your upcoming trip sounds wonderful. It's also nice to read about someplace really cold as we are sitting here in a heat wave. ;) What great experiences your children are getting by being home schooled.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I love your chart! (I will try get one!) You made me realize that I need to finish making my new spring beds. It has been too cold to work, but time has marched on and I had better get cracking!

Cath said...

We started some new planting today too. Yipeee! My bare beds were looking oh so sad. Love the chart.

Nikki Olivier said...

Ooooo, that's exactly what I've been looking for! I got really tired of looking at our empty sandy patch intended for the veggie garden and went out and bought seedlings. My children were so eager to plant them they spent the morning in the rain yesterday pretending to be farmers! Oh, well-hope it wasn't too early to plant them after looking at your chart!

The Hayes Zoo said...

Oh my goodness - what a fabulous chart!!! But the link won't work. Ack.

I'll keep trying....

Thank you so much for documenting your journey. I've been inspired as well as amazed (and a wee bit convicted as well) to the changes your family has made.