Sunday, August 22, 2010

Creating a herb spiral

Please forgive me for using my blog as an extension of my discoveries and education, but I thought that others may also benefit from my learning journey. So today I have been sitting making a plan for our garden so that Superman and kids can do a lot of the work while I am in the UK next month. (They offered!)

We have decided that the circular beds which I like so much will not work for our space so we will have to go with more rectangular shapes but will build a chook box to fit over the beds for them to clean out when the time is right.

But in my searching around for information on how to make this area a buzzing ecosystem instead of just a vegetable garden I came across these two videos on creating a herb spiral. It makes so much sense to make a herb garden like this and I will definately incorporate this into our plan.

No need to watch the first video all the way to the end (and the music is rather irratating!) but using straw as a bedding material is a great idea...the second video shows a mature herb spiral...just wonderful!

Have any of my readers incorporated a spiral in their gardens? Please let me know!


Lisa said...

Great idea, I've seen something similar in the shape of a pyramid, for growing vegetables and herbs.

Hehe..yes the music is a little out too many acid trips I think!

Carolyne said...

Why I thought blogging was for the purpose of sharing discoveries and extending your education.
I would love to do this in my garden. I think this is a wonderful idea~ thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I loved these herb spirals! It seems so practical, easy to set up and maintain. I would love to create a square-sided spiral with my rocks.

Wendy said...

I have found a whole stack of old bricks down an alley behind our garage from when we replaced our pavng about 2 yrs ago. Guess what I am going to do this weekend?