Monday, August 23, 2010

Finding "green" in unexpected places

Today we took a group of 26 homeschooled teens and parents to an outing where they could learn about the hotel industry.

We were treated to pastries and coffee, a short screen show and then taken on a tour of the hotel, back and front office. This is the largest hotel in Cape Town with 536 rooms. After the tour we were enjoyed a finger lunch with some of the executives.

At the kitchen area our guide told us they were "very proud of their waste area", which we couldn't really understand until we went in and saw their operation.

All appropriate waste food is processed through a worm farm. Two large baths are set up in their refuse section (which I must add was spic and span). The worm juice is used in the hotel gardens or given to their staff to use in their home gardens.

All recycled materials are sorted and collected weekly.

As well as these obvious things was something that is even more noteworthy - once used soaps and shampoos/conditioners are donated to an organization that works with street children.

All towels or bedding that is not perfect is sent to homeless shelters.

I know we went for so much more - to open the world of work to our children - but this has left an lasting impression on me.

Well done to this hotel who in a year has gone from nothing to dealing with 60% of their waste! This is the highest benchmark for a city based hotel on our continent!


Rebecca said...

I wish I knew that this kind of responsible stewardship was happening in hotels in the United States! How remarkable and resourceful.

luella2897 said...

Wow, I'm, impressed! Great job to whatever hotel that is!! Makes me ashamed of how little recycling I do. I will try to follow their example and it won't cost me anything! In fact, it will probably save me some $.

Jill said...

Hi! Just found your blog from down to earth! This is so wonderful to see a hotel doing this. Thanks for sharing! If you get a chance stop by my blog and say hi!

Carolyne said...

Wow! What an excellent field trip to introduce 'reuse and recycle' on a large scale to your children. This hotel should be commended for being an outstanding example.
I came from your "this is where I work" post @ Rhonda Jean's "Down-to-Earth" also.
Thank you for the fun visit, I'll be back for sure.

Lisa said...

Hello, I saw your work space on down to earth and it looked great! That hotel deserves a great big pat on the back!

I have enjoyed reading your blog!



pia said...

I love surprises like that! Would love to know which hotel it was - it's worth spreading the word.

Wendy said...

Pia - its the Southern Sun at the Waterfront. They deserve the reward.