Saturday, August 7, 2010

With a goose to welcome us!

Today's outing was everything I had hoped for. A little bit of homeschool networking, lots of beauty and a bit of real life learning for myself.

The canola fields on the way out to Malmesbury are in bloom.

And the blanket on the bench outside the studio reminded me of my Grandma.

I learnt the difference between wool and yarn. Below is a picture of the gorgeous 100% banana leaf yarn. Carle also sells Sari Silk Yarn which comes with a heartbreaking but happy ending story. Both yarns I need to wait for until my skills develop, I think.

Two woman arrived with their portable spinning wheels and sat admidst the shoppers spinning.

There is also unspun wool waiting for someone to create something beautiful.

I came home with 3 skeins of "Spaghetti Aran" which is Merino Silk Kid Mohair, according to the label. I also bought balls of sock wool. I am setting a new goal of learning how to knit socks by next winter.

This is "self striping" wool which fascinates me...I have to try it to believe it. But need to get my sock knitting skills in place.

I am assured by both Carle and her friend Terry that knitting gets easier the more you "play" with it. Both ladies make up patterns as they go along and amazingly things turn out as planned. I feel happy with my made up recipes, but will wait a while for the making up of knitting patterns.

The last thing that I must mention is that Carle's wool is HAND PAINTED. Still trying to figure this one out...but this means that each skein/ball is unique to you. This makes me understand the "nuturing" part of the business name so well.

And then this photo is just because who can resist a calf?


Cath said...

mmm, wish I could have joined your outing xx

Anonymous said...

Oh my grandmother made afghans just like that!

Christine said...

How lucky you are to have access to beautiful yarns like this!! They are gorgeous, Wendy.

Carle' said...

HI Wendy,

thank you for the kind post, you make it all look so wonderful!

Are you on ravelry? I would like to let you know when we have the knitting group days.


Wendy said...

Hi Carle

Yes, I have made you a friend on ravelry....can't wait to get nes from you!