Sunday, August 1, 2010

1067m Above Sea Level

That's where we went this morning. Top of Table Mountain in the cable car. The last time I was up there was 22 yrs ago with Superman when we were just engaged to be married.

We unfortunetly had a horrific end to that trip 22yrs ago when we missed the last cable car down and had to WALK down the mountain after consuming a bottle of "Chatty Little Red", olives and cheese while watching the sunset over the ocean.

Taking our children up there was a delightful outing and a departure from the norm for our Sundays when we normally just rest at home. But there was a special on where two children go free for every paying adult and as it would normally cost us close to R800 to take our family up, this was a bargain!

I was all ready for the see I finished my rolled beanie and fingerless mittens this week. I just loved this wool and the bright colors! Sadly, by the time we had walked a bit around on the top of the mountain, we were peeling off the layers and there was no need for the woolies!

I don't normally share photos of us here, just of the garden, but here we are today at the top of one of the most famous mountains in the world! Sorry about the sunglasses and squinting but we were looking into the sun!

At 10a.m. we were above the "clouds" which was ultra-cool for our little guy!

As the sun burned the fog below away we could see Green Point Stadium...not sure if its an eyesore now or not.

Either way, if you can get away from the crowds of tourists, it is a wonderful outing and was full of memories for us.


Paige said...

What a fantastic family day. A real treat for me to see all of you. You should do this more often, I mean include the family. Well done for your gorgeous knitting.

Paige said...

Actuallly Cath said all that, but can't seem to log in.

Linnie said...

What a blessed outing! Was such a beautiful day today!
We also made use of the special offer a few weeks ago, saved a lot of money and the children just loved it!
Have a blessed week!

Anonymous said...

That is beautiful. I love love going up in the mountains where you can see just how BIG our world is. And just think... what you were seeing there is minuscule compared to the world.

Sharon - who loves living in the Colorado Mountains. (USA)