Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Finishing off and catching up

Yesterday morning I decided we needed to attack the to do list and tie up loose ends, finish projects and catch up with things we neglected during the time I was sick. This saw us making 8 jars of lemon curd, 8 portions of tomato and veggie sauce (used in pastas) and soap.

We decided to make a gift for my sister and used one of our home grown loofahs to be a soap receptical. We cut it into 6 pieces and then poured the hot soap into them. We also made a normal batch of soap.

I then settled down to sew up my girls beanies. The styles and colors so reflect what they like...cute.

We also repotted the first of our tomato seedlings that had outgrown their newspaper pots.

After this was done I took the to do list and spent the afternoon doing all the shopping things. A busy but productive day.


freerangegirl said...

Wow beanie you've been busy - those beanie are so cute!

City Sister said...

We are in fall here, so we are picking the tomatoes...rather than having the first sign of just reminds me about what a big world it is.