Friday, September 3, 2010

Hurry-hurry...first corn is in!

Yesterday I realised that it is 2 weeks until I leave for the UK. This cuts into our busiest gardening time and we have to hurry hurry! Thinking back to last spring I was much better prepared.

This time last year my seeds were already sown in trays and in the hotbox that Superman & Son made and my planning was already done. However this year schooling demands have been much more intense and I have not had the same amount of gardening time. we were finished earlier than normal and headed into the garden around 3pm. We got a lot done which leaves me with a feeling that we will be able to get everything into the ground before I go. My mummy will be here for the younger children while I am gone and I know she will tend after the seedlings well.

Today we fed all the strawberry plants from last season with worm juice and Seagro. We also took the strawberry plants out of the fruit tree barrels as the trees are going to be moved in the next while. These plants we split and repotted. Superman needs to hang more baskets for me then we will replant the plants.

We also sowed seed of 4 different tomato varieties - yellow pear, roma, oxheart and mmmh...forgotten! Then we sowed 4 different chilli varieties and 2 varieties of sweet peppers. I could have started these a month ago, but well, didn't have time!

Then we cleared out two half beds. They both recieved some lovely homemade compost. This bed (below) is in shade all winter. I planted some cauli and broccoli the front about 1 month ago in anticipation of the sun's change. It is now reaching this bed in the late afternoon. Corn was started in our newspaper pots about 3 weeks ago and these were planted in the back of the bed.

Tomorrow we will plant up the second bed with some beans. The last crop here was cabbage and turnips. I like to plant beans or peas after any crop is finished as the legumes fix nitrogen in the soil.

All in all, not a bad afternoon's work. While I was busy with 3 children, my younger daughter was cooking up a storm. We were served fresh pasta with bolognaise sauce and a salad. (She is in training for when I am away and is doing a GREAT job!)

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