Saturday, September 25, 2010

Loving London...Missing Home!

Despite a wonderful time in England I must admit to feeling completely homesick. I want my family, clear skies, my pets and my garden.

But what a feast we have been having...and not the culinary kind either. I am convinced that even if we lived here we would struggle to fit in the richness of all that England has to offer.

Seeing my sister and her family has been the absolute highlight of the trip so far. Right now the weather is super chilly outside so the teens are playing an indoorgame of cricket with a toilet roll! Go figure :-)

Later today I am going to be making pasta with my nephew and brother in law as I bought them a pasta machine to say thank you for having us. This should be fun!

Sister and I are going to collect blackberries and rosehips to make cordial later when we take their adorable black puppy for his first walk out now that he has had all his shots.

Here are some photos of our last week...

Pre-theatre dinner above the Globe Theatre looking across the Thames at St Pauls.

Wet, wet, wet - caught in a downpour crossing Tower Bridge.

Approaching the Tower of London...yes, it's wet!

All Hallows Church - oldest church in England, built 675AD

We found where the original Globe once stood.

So far this week in London we have:
Figured out tube, taxi and bus services.
Walked, walked and walked some more!
Seen people of all walks of life and cultures.
Eaten some great food.
Been surprised at the move to sustainable living even in the city.

We have visited:
Hever Castle (childhood home of Anne Boleyn)
HMV Music Store
National Art Gallery
Globe Theatre and embankment surrounds including a visit to the old Rose Theatre
HMS Belfast
Tower of London
Tower Bridge
Britian At War Museum
London Zoo
Greenwich (a day trip up the Thames)
Churches and Cathedrals
Buckingham Palace and the mews

It has been a busy time and we were so thankful that after a week with crowds we could return to the peace of my sister's little village.

The fields behind her home...

Sheep...I love sheep!

And a field full of horses for my precious daughter. This looks like a mutual admiration moment doesn't it.


Linnie said...

Wow, Wendy! It looks like something out of a movie! Can see you're having a very precious time with your sister and family!
Although you are homesick, cherish every moment and take in every beautiful scene!
Lots of love from SA

Lois Evensen said...

It looks great, even with all the rain. We were lucky the last time there and actually discovered there was a ray of sunshine in London. I hope you see it there, too.

Safe journey,

primitive ole frugal mumma said...

wow you look to be having so much fun and what beautiful photo's enjoy the rest of your time there ;-)

Robyn MacLarty said...

Just discovered your blog... What a joy!

I'm busy reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, which has sparked an interest in seasonal eating. So looking forward to exploring here!


SouthernHeart said...

Just found your blog again! Love the pics of your trip. I'm one of four sisters, so I know the memories you are making. Have a wonderful time!