Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Quiet time in bed

Well I haven't shaken this flu...and Superman has put me on enforced bed rest. Schoolwork and reading is done on my bed while I lie and cough :-( and sniff :-( (feel sorry for me yet?) but when the work is done it has given me some time to knit and sew during the day which is not usual for me. I normally knit in front of the TV at night!

The Down to Earth Forums had a pin cushion swap on the go, so I have made a pin cushion which will be posted to a recipient in New York later this week. I got the pattern from Martha Stewart on the web!

I have got almost all the way on Buddy Boys ribbed beanie.....

And have started a stripey "cat hat" beanie for my eldest. And now the weather is warm! Oh well, they can use them next yr!

Back to bed!

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