Sunday, September 11, 2011

Books for every homesteader...

There are so many good books out there. I have many books on green living, frugality and gardening on my bookshelf but only a handful of books that I go back to time and time again. These would be the books that would be the first into a suitcase if I could only take a few books.

These books are all available through Loot for South Africans and for those in the USA, they are linked to Amazon on my right side bar.

A friend lent me her copy of Living the Good Life about 4 years ago...I didn't want to give it back! The worst part of handing it back was that at that time it was undergoing an overhaul and was not available. The moment it was re-released I grabbed a copy. This book is not going to tell you how to grow vegetables, and it only has a few recipes along the way, but it must be the most inspiring book that I have read. I read it at least once a year and each time it teaches me the value of family, working hard and encourages me not to give up when the going gets tough.

My mom bought me Christine Steven's book about 2 yrs ago and after a few months delay I started tucking into this feast. The recipes are outstanding - like me, she loves to cook with wine, loves comfort food and believes in slow food cooked in one pot! I cook from here at least twice a week.

My parents in law gave me this book in 1994. It was the first book I read on vegetable gardening and I fell in love with the concept. Gradually over the years I learnt more and more about gardening but I always refer back to this book for planting seasons, ground prep (although I do not use her suggestions for fertilizers) and trouble shooting.

Most people know about this book. I believe it epitomises the "locavore" way to eat. It is more "academic" in the writing but is a delight to read and definately a way to get inspired in feeding your family good food. There are some very interesting essays on how food is produced in bulk and the resulting issues for humans which make for eye openers.

This book is the msot recent addition to my collection. If I could, I would give a copy to all those nearest and dearest to me. You, readers, are by extension part of this group. Beth writes in such a simple open way and gives so many easy alternatives to eating, cosmetics, cleaning and living that even though the information she presents can be quite fear instilling, you are not discouraged but rather inspired to make good healthy changes.

Like I said...there are so many more books I could recommend but these are my grab and run books. Which are yours? Feel free to list your favourites on your blogs and leave me a comment with the link.

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Mo and Steve said...

Interesting books :) I have so many books that I have no idea which I would grab but I do know I would take my Little Black Book which has all my basic recipes in :)