Sunday, September 18, 2011

Priviledge to work...blessing to rest

Learning to manage my time has been a long walk for me. It started out when our first baby came along because before then I never needed to do anything more complex than show up for work at the right time 6 days a week, and then go home again.

As more children came along and other things like homeschooling, a small home business, cooking from scratch, sports, church and gardening were added to the mix I kept on learning more about time management. I became a do-er. My mind was never at rest, the constant need to do the things on my list was always running like a conveyor belt in my mind.

I kept up with it for the most part. Juggle this, mix that, squeeze this, modify that. It was exhausting. I knew this year that it simply was not sustainable any longer.

I then went back to bare bones which is simply my family and my home. Anything else needed to take a back seat and was only attended too if it could fit in. This opened the door to feelings of could I rest when there was so much to still do?

Through the Lord showing me, from different avenues, I have realized a few things:

~The work will never be done
~Work hard for 6 days, rest completely on the 7th
~We do what we have to do, so we can do what we want to do.

Monday to Friday I am up at 5.45. My daughter and I go to gym for 1 hr on Tues and Thurs. (She also goes Mon and Wed night with her brother and Dad). Breakfast is made from scratch, devotions are done and then school runs from 8.30 - 2 daily. We only have two afternoons at home when we take the dog for a walk, I work n my business and they in theirs. The other afternoons are sports or art. Tues, Wed and Friday evenings we are involved in our house church activities.

Saturday we go to gym from 7.30 - 8.30 and then work in the garden until lunch time. Afternoons or evenings we enjoy a braai with friends or a movie at home or another social event. In between these events over these six days I will make soap or stock, make snacks and cook our meals. Just recently each of my older children have taken over 1 dinner prep and clean up. This is such a blessing to me.

Then comes Sunday. Sleep late...PJ's all day...reading....TV....naps...good soaking baths...a walk with the dog....reading the Bible....



Lois Evensen said...

You certainly have your priorities well ordered. Nice post.

Veronica Rei said...

Love is the most important time of the week, without it we couldn't cope with the rest of it.....shalom.

Lilian said...

I used to think that when God made man and woman that it was the pinnacle of creation, until someone pointed out to me that the whole point of it was the seventh day ie the day the Lord rested which was. Isn't that where we're all ultimately heading towards? Heavenly rest? Blessings to you on the day of rest.

Elizabeth Jansen van Vuuren said...

Thanks for writing about this. Going back to basics, and prioritising (rather than squeezing) these is where I'm at too. There's a sense of loss, of the things I thought I could fit in... but the relief at not finding myself neglecting the most important ones, is bigger. Pretty huge, actually.