Saturday, September 24, 2011

In the garden this week...

After spending R900 last week to fix my back after some over enthusiastic gardening, I decided to rather pay our handyman and get the heavy garden work done this weekn. His 3 days in the garden it cost me a fraction of what it would have cost for chiro/physio!

Des got stuck into the compost heap first. Some gals get excited over diamonds, some over When I see that rich dark compost coming out of my bins I can really do the happy dance!

We really need 3 compost heaps for our garden and the demands that intensive growing has on the soil so the goal was to make 3 enclosed spaces with heaps in different stages. We ran out of wood so I have only two, a 3rd will have to be built in a while.

Friends have been bringing me grass, I have fetched some manure from the local stables and our own leaves all have been collecting in a rather haphazard way in our carport. So Des ripped it all out, sieved the lovely dark compost and bagged it. The chickens went in to help him eat some creepy crawlies.

He then built new containers and we layered the leaves, cuttings, grass and manure.

Some of the compost has been dug into the two areas that have lain fallow over winter and paving stones were laid yesterday.

Today the kids and I planted seedlings of tomatoes, cucumbers, squash and corn.

And because today is Heritage Day in South Africa, the perfect way to celebrate was a good old braai (BBQ)!

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africanaussie said...

that looks like great compost, and I like your new bins. That looks like a delicious piece of meat you have on the braai too!