Saturday, December 24, 2011

I can feel it coming in the air....

The days are changing and getting that muggy December heat and the garden harvests are picking up. So once I had put the gammom in the oven for cold meats tomorrow with family we went for a look see in the garden.

When picking gems I noticed that the dreaded mildew is starting on some squash leaves. Despite everything we have tried over the last years, this thing can bring us to our knees. I now just harvest what I can right up until we pull the plants up and throw the infected parts away.

Lucky the potato dog struck again aided by her side-kick and they dug up a 5L bucket of wonderful potatoes. We are already planning meals with these crisp beautiful spuds.

We also tackled our chillies today and got 3 jars pickled.

Tomatoes are ripening all over the place...big ones, small ones, red ones, yellow ones....

And then my gorgeous red onions are ready to pick. I just leave them in the ground to carry on growing until I want their sweet flavour on or in something. This is the first time I have manged to get onions to full happy I persevered.

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