Monday, December 26, 2011

Simple Steps in Green Living and Frugality #5 - do not waste!

Simple Steps in Green Living and Frugality #5 - do not waste!

We all know the old saying "waste not, want not" but I am still and have been more so in the past of having wasteful ways. I thought that I would just highlight some ways that I have begun to correct my habits in the BIG three areas of FOOD, WATER and ELECTRICITY.

Years ago I used to watch a friend of mine save the tiniest scraps of foodstuffs. She saved a tablespoon of mashed potatoes, a handful of roasted veg, a slic of tomato...and I quietly raised my eyebrow and thought "all that bother for such a little." But in the years to follow I would pick up on her good habit and find ways to include left overs and scraps in meals.

Besides for saving leftovers, planning your menus and purchasing just what you need is another way to prevent wastage.

Watch the fruit bowl and vegetable drawers in your home so that fresh foods don't go over ripe and use up fruit in puddings, icecreams, cakes and vegetables in bakes, cakes and dog food before they waste.

And of course, by learning to make your own basic food stuffs you will appreciate the cost in time and effort and not want to waste!

Where we live we have hot windy summers. Well, I suppose we have wind most days too! Our garden also needs lots of water, so I make sure that watering in summer is done by 10am. The wind normally picks up after lunch and then sprinklers are really wasteful. Watering before 10am also lowers the evaporation rate substantially.

Shower with a bucket and use that to flush the toilet or use it on non edible plants in the garden.

Catch the drips from the taps and use it for the dog water bowl. (Note to self: get a plumber to replace the washer!)

Rinsing vegetables in a bowl of water instead of under a running tap, then using that water for the garden is a great water saver.

Power down the house at night....

Get children on board about turning off lights when leaving a room.

Don't "fridge gaze!" Have you ever seen a hungry youngster standing staring into an open fridge? I have one of these....he eats non stop all day and we have to teach him not to stand and wish food out of the open fridge.

Lots of other power saving tips here.

I am sure you have many if not all of these already happening in your home. If you have a NO WASTE tip, please feel free to leave a comment in the block!


Cath said...

Does that frugal friend happen to be me?

Wendy said...

Yip, it's you Elastic Mamma.