Monday, February 20, 2012

Bedding down the garlic

A couple of weeks ago I bought Egyptian Pink and white garlic from Living Seeds. I eventually got around to planting it yesterday.

So into a bed of rich compost and manure I had added some calcitic lime about a week ago. I raked this over first.

Next I estimated about 10cm apart and dug little indents about 4cm deep. Each indention got one clove, planted pointed side up!

Then covered them over and because I am leaning towards being scatter-brained I made me a lil ol sign so I don't forget and plant something else here.

Sleep tight lil garlic babes...see you in 10 months time!


africanaussie said...

Your soil is so fine and even - those little bulbs have a cosy setup there! I have plants that die down in the dry season and often I will think I have a blank spot that I really should be planting something in! I love your sign!

Julia said...

Mine is just starting to peep through now. I bought an elephant garlic bulb from an RHS show in the summer, fingers crossed how it turns out. I am always lucky with my "normal" garlic.

Wendy said...

I really hope mine grows, first time I have tried it and we are a little skeptical about giving over one bed in our small garden for so long.