Friday, February 10, 2012 daughters tagged me.

And because I am sitting her alone while Superman braais with friends and the kids are busy with Bible study in the lounge with their buddies I thought I would indulge...

1. Post these guidelines
2. Write eleven (that's it, 11) things about yourself
3. Answer the questions that the person who tagged you created for you
4. Create eleven new questions for the people you tag to answer
5. Go to the blogs of the people you tag and let them know that you tagged them

 I am 42 this year.

 I have one wonderful sister who lives in England.

My Superman and I have officially been married for half my life!

My mom and dad are my greatest champions and dearly loved.

I want to skydive one day.

In 10yrs time I will be 52 and graduating my last child from homeschooling.

I battle daily to stay focused and organized.

I want to write a book oneday or at least just finish the 3 I have started.

I want 16 grandchildren!!!!!

My current favorite movie is A Good Year with Russel Crowe.

I hate ironing clothes!

To answer my girls questions:

1. Do you prefer having your hair tied up or hanging loose? Tied Up

2. What is one movie that you have watched more times than you can count and yet if I asked you to watch it with me, you would do so in a heart beat? Lakehouse (OR anything with Sandra Bullock!)

3. What annoys you most? My sore back

4. Did you think that your current age was REALLY old when you were about five? Like you have no idea!

5. iPod Touch or Blackberry? There can be ONLY ONE - iPhone.

6. If I shouted "Aston Martin!" at you, would you say, "Which one? the DB9?" or "Who's that?" DB9.

7. Winter or summer? Summer

8. Swimming or ice-skating? Swimming

9. If you could change your name, what would you change it to? Ruth

10. Favourite Bible story? Ruth and Boaz

11. Favourite colour? Blue

And....yet more questions:

1) What is a hobby you do? Scrapbooking
2) Heels or Converse? What are converses?
3) If you had the choice of going to America or France, which would you choose? America to vist friends
4) Who is your favourite music aritist? Back then David Bowie, Now Casting Crowns
5) How old are you? 42
6) Full piece or two piece costume, which is better? At my age I don't need to anwser this!
7) What is one word you know how to spell, but get it wrong each time? Anwser (see above!)
8) Have you been tagged before? Yip, by your sister.
9) What is your favourite color? Uhm, BLUE!
10) Gmail or Yahoo? Neither.
11) Are you sick of facts and questions now? You have no idea!

However, I am not making up my own questions or asking any of the ladies on the blogs below to anwser any as I know your time is short too. If you would like to do a blog post with the 11 things about yourself, feel free to go ahead cos...TAG YOU'RE IT!

Catherine at Nothing Ventured
Linnie at Ancient Paths


Christine said...

Thanks, Wendy, I really enjoyed reading your answers! I've replied on my blog. ;)

Wendy said...

Thanks Wendy, was tagged 3 times in the last few days so I will do one post combining all three :)

Linnie said...

Thanks, Wendy! It looks like fun! Enjoyed reading your answers :)

Linda said...

Thank you Wendy! I will put up a post soon :) This will be fun.