Monday, February 13, 2012

The hard maths facts

Every month for the last year I have spent loads on rehabilitating my back. Physio, chiro, biokinetics and massage all add up to a pretty penny. I have found that *surprise*surprise* my back is worse after gardening. The cost to fix my back each time I lift a load or dig the beds over is not justifiable.

As our lives have changed substantially this year, making less time available that we can devote to the garden, working two mornings on a weekend is just not viable.

So we had to do some figuring out. We love our veggie garden, I love the planning, planting and harvesting. It's just not an option to downscale it. Too much money has gone into it to not continue so it became necessary to rethink the workload.

Enter Des. Des has been a friend and handyman to our family for over 12 years now. He is a skilled wetworks manager but is also happy to do any kind of gardening work for us. He is now my right hand man and comes in every two weeks to do the big stuff for much less that what one chiro appointment costs!

His labor is so valuable to us. The work he does is faster, better and more thorough than what we can do. Just this Saturday he removed the spent plants from 7 beds, weeded all the pathways, dug in compost and manure into all the beds and more.

While he was doing that we finished making the newspaper cups (400), filled them, and planted the seeds for the next season. What a pleasure.


africanaussie said...

Oh I am so glad you found an answer that keeps you growing your own veggies. what about raising the height of your beds to about waist height? I have a friend who did that, and she is a changed person, still able to garden and no longer in constant pain.

SmithGang said...

Will be in prayer for your back,I've been suffering since 2005 myself.We started using plastic for our garden to help me in that area but my boys do most of the work I just over see it all. There are days I crawl around planting I just gotta garden:) Hope your garden season goes well.