Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Slow Living 2012 - Month 2

Perhaps this email should be titled: "Falling of the bandwagon and how to climb back on" but I like the idea of rather joining in with Christine's Slow Living 2012 Diary each month. So instead of writing another post about all the things I didn't get to here is how my month went:

This month we were so blessed with a free gift of many many granadillas. Eaten as is and made into granadilla butter were a highlight. I also make a batch of spelt/blueberry muffins for breakfast each week...recipe to follow in another post. Evening meals have been fresh garden salads with a little twist...Chicken Caesar Salad being the current favourite and fig, haloumi and walnut coming in second.

Chillies have been pickled, tomatoes canned and eaten!

No summer jammies for the kids...winter PJ's were cut off at the mid thigh and rehemmed and reused. Does horse manure count in this category? If so, I relieved my friend of some 30 bags and dug it into our soil :)

PS cleaning this area is on a to do list!
Vinegar continues to be used for most cleaning and drains. A friend laughed at me the other night when I told her that I shower with a bucket behind me to catch water. We also use an old pool pipe to chanel the water from the kids bath to part of the garden. This is not new this month but I thought I would share it anyway!

All our seedlings are planted and growing. They need transplanting this weekend. Garlic was also put to bed...very excited about this one.

My creative space was my daughter's 13yr album. I am now the mom to three precious teens (and one almost 10yr old) and they are all delightful to me. My 3rd child is now 13 and I always give them an album showing their 13yrs of life in our family.

I discovered iTunesU this last week. Oh my! Where am I going to find the time to learn all this? I settled on two courses eventually. I also have discovered Lynn Austin as an outstanding Christian author and while never choosing to read novels over the last few years but recently I am enjoying 5-6 pages as my eyelids droop at night.

This is a hard one, I don't want to share too much but I have learnt that when others face great difficulties it is an opportunity to not preach to them, adivse, point things out (unless asked) but rather just to love them physically and practically with a meal, hug, email or whatever the Lord lays on my heart.

Two things are bringing me immense enjoyment at the moment. Jamie At Home is still delighting me with his seasonal recipes like the chicken dish below.

Then my younger son and I have taken up Geocaching. For a long time I have been looking for some way to combine learning, fun, adventure, reading, writing and history and Geocaching has done it for us. He has started a little blog adding our adventures each week. Last week we did the Company Gardens in town and it was delightful with all the cultures gathering in one place, the beautiful gardens and his favorite - the squirrels who ate from his hand.

That's the wrap up for the the count down begins....London Calling 5 weeks!


Kathryn Ray said...

Hooking up with Slow Living Essentials is bringing many international (to me) blogs and therefore many food items I have not heard of before. Granadillas and haloumi sound delicious. :-)

Christine said...

Hi Wendy, I think your granadillas are what we call passionfruit? How lucky to receive a bag full! The baked chicken dish from Jamie at Home is one of our faves yummy and simple to prepare! I love your gesture of the 13yo album, your children have a very thoughtful mum! Nice to have you linking up. xx

dixiebelle said...

I see, granadillas are passionfruits!!

I have my kids old fleecy pyjamas waiting for the legs & arms to be cut off, sewn across then turned inside out to become cleaning hand mitts! One day I'll get around to it.

Love the salads!

africanaussie said...

I think I will be joining in next month, you have done well, and there are always so many hints i can learn.. All the meals you cook look so delicious.

Nicky Rothmann said...

Hi Wendy!
I stumbled upon your blog, when I was eagerly searching "planting potatoes in South Africa" !!!
Not only did I find your information extremely, wonderfully helpful...I found you! Thanks so much, I have not stopped reading, trying to learn and thanks so much for all the passion you have stirred up in my heart!

God bless you with a HUGE harvest of Garlic!!!
Nicky Rothmann

Wendy said...

Hi Kathryn, I see Christine has sorted out the granadilla issue (thanks!) but haloumi has to be the yummiest cheese. Its this hard ruberry stuff that you gently fry in some olive oil and it goes crispy...

Thanks for your kind comments Christine and for this wrap up. Makes me feel that I didn't drop as many balls as I thought.

Nice to meet you Dixiebelle!

African Aussie, you make some pretty yummy recipes too.

And Nicky, nice to know my blog is inspiring you!

Cath said...

I nominated you for Versatile Blogger award.

How could I not?

Juggler said...

I have read about geocaching before and it sounds like so much fun, might have to look into it again now that you have reminded me. I love Jamie Oliver too, he is a great cook.