Friday, July 10, 2009


I know scrambled egg is a well known breakfast in every household so this is truly not a recipe...just an encouragement for some who sit on the fence about keeping urban chickens.

Our girls give us between 2 and 4 eggs a day in winter, 4 a day in summer. They are really fresh - the albumen is firm and the yolk sits high in it and is bright orange. This indicates a healthy chicken, getting lots of Omega 3 and iron from a natural diet.

Egg shells that are not needed in the wormery or compost are washed and crushed in a mortar and pestle weekly and given back to the chickens with their morning feed.

This photo is blurry, not because of my amateur photography skills, but because their heads are moving so fast to get their food.

We enjoy scrambled egg (usign about 12 eggs) once a week. Look at the color of it...very different from the pale yellow of shop bought eggs.

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