Sunday, July 12, 2009

A simple blessing

I often marvel at God's wisdom in His creation. During winter when colds and flu are more prevalent, He arranged to have the fruits rich in Vitamen C available to us.

I use a lot of lemons in cooking. We also love fresh fish with a lemon butter basting.

On Friday my husband fetched our two older children from an evening party. He noticed my friends tree was heavily laden with lemons. He kindly brought some home for us.

I am going to use some for Lemon Curd...a kickback from my childhood when my granny used to visit and make this delicious treat. I also will use some to make an upside down lemon pudding and lemonade. Maybe I will post those recipes later.

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The Family said...

Must agree... I have also always marvelled at the fantastic planning that goes into nature to provide us with the necessary nutrition to carry us through the seasons! Rae says the Lemon pudding looks delicious & is definitely going to make it!