Friday, July 17, 2009

Time to plan...

The last two days have been spent travelling to and from Sutherland...the coldest place in South Africa (this morning the temp was -3 deg C at 8.30) and where the largest telescope in the Souther Hemisphere can be found. There was a dripping tap in the parking lot which had frozen into an icicle.

Well all that driving gave me time to plan. I took along my Jane's Delicious Garden with a view to understand her jungle vertical style. (See: and then I planned what we need to implement it. We are going to do the gum pole ones.

The area below grew sweet and regular potatoes last summer but really could be put to much more use. It doesn't do well in winter as the house casts too much shade over the area. At the bottom where we do get sun are a few cabbages, that is it.

So the plan is to put in 4 teepees and grow jungle style there. Also to add 4 - 6 wall mounted pots to grow strawberries in.

I made my shopping list and tomorrow we go shopping!! We will build the teepees and install the wall pots over the next few weeks in preparation for Spring.

Tonight I went out to see what we had. 5 chillies and some salad, snow peas and yellow tomatoes.

Spose that's better than nothing.


Linda said...

Wow, that dripping tap is amazing! I also have the same gardening book and it is wonderful...

TLB said...

Hi there-I stumbled across your blog while surfing for something entirely different and I have to confess I am a little hooked!
It's so nice to see someone else from South Africa! If you'd liek to you can follow my (brand spanking new) blog ( or you can find me at MyFolia-it's a fabulous gardening website and it'd be great to have a few more South Africans involved :)