Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Things I want to learn to do

I have had a time of introspection today thinking about things I still want to learn to do over the next few years...note - YEARS!

Learn to knit with natural fibres.
Learn to make my own soap.
Learn to make herbal teas (and get off coffee :-))
Perfect my white bread.
Learn how solar panels work.
Learn to have a four seasons harvest.

Do you think that's enough yet?

There are so many things that take my time that each of these skills seem like a huge thing for me to do...but that's why I have no set date or goal...just sometime!


Green Thumb Mama said...

Oh I agree with you here and actually share quite a few of your goals myself! Time just gets away from me and there is so much to do. I tell myself that when my job as mother and teacher are done and my children are on their own in the world, I will take on some of these new skills....

GardenMom said...

I want to learn how to make my own cheese. My white bread has actually gotten pretty good, but cheese I have no idea...

Wendy said...

Thanks for popping in ladies. Last night I lay thinking about more things that I want to learn to do, then I stated feeling panicky...I am a firm believer in that's the way my list will stay :-)

Carle' said...

Heh wendy,

Can I help with the Knitting!

Wendy said...


It was your blog that inspired me...your wool is so beautiful is screams "Knit with me!" and that poncho is just gorgeous...

I will shout when I need you, thanks so much for the offer. My 10 year old is an avid knitter...I need to join her sometime. She is knitting for

Bless you

Carle' said...

Well let me know if she needs some wool, I always love giving when I know it is going to be loved.