Sunday, July 19, 2009

Winter jobs in the garden

With the warm sun today, even though it is mid winter we all had a hundred things to do in the garden.

My husband (being the great guy that he is) started my tripods. There will be four of them in Area 2 which is going to be my rambling jungle.

My older son started adding the next layer of wood to our raised bed in anticipation of all the compost that we will dig in in August to prepare for Spring plantings.

I got the yucky stuff to do - weeding! I weeded out two buckets of weeds which went to the chickens to pick through.

Then I banked the potatoes which are looking strong!

I stood around a bit and enjoyed my cabbages :-)

Then I pulled out spent tomato plants and peas plants. I then staked those that were left. I cleaned out two beds and added Volcanic Rock Dust to them. Then I stood around for a bit more and enjoyed watching the chickens take their sandbath!

Then it was 11 o'clock and my older daughter wanted to horse ride. So she made me some food (I forgot breakfast) and that put an end to my gardening endeavours...and standing around!

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GardenMom said...

I like your tripods. I have just been experimenting with making my own trellises and tepees this year. How nice that your children can help you in the garden.