Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The bug has bitten

I wasn't going to do another post today, and I wasn't going to work in the garden today...but well...the seed sowing bug has bitten.

Today I planted seeds for squashes and beans against the A-Frames.

This is what I planted:

Pumpkin (some Italian name Heirloom) - 5
Borlotto Fire Tongue Beans (Heirloom) - 12 Picture below
Butternut (Hybrid) - 3
Scarlet Runner Beans - (Heirloom) - 12
Gem Squash (Hybrid) - 10
Baby Marrow (Organic from the UK) - 10
Metre Long Beans (Heirloom) - 12

I hope they are happy in their situation. I was also thrilled that all the compost I dug in was from our own home brew!

Incredible Hulk and I also planted 35 Indian Rainbow Corn in the main veggie garden.

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Sean said...

Hey Wendy, Just checking up on you. And once again I have that urge to correct.... the "Some Italian name Heirloom" is Marina d'Chioggia. A stunning warty iron bark. Next..... The "Picture below" is of Scarlet Runners and not the Borlotto Fire Tongues. But you'll see pretty quickly when your "fire tongues" throw Scarlet flowers and start running ;-)) He He He FYI (The Fire tongues are a bush bean with pretty light pink flowers)