Monday, September 28, 2009

Pretty Berry Blossoms

When we planned our second area last year August I knew that I wanted to grow fruit. But we didn't have the space to plant trees. So I chose to plant some berries.

The four I chose were Cape Gooseberries, blackberries, blueberries and booysenberries. We also added 4 granadilla vines for a bit of fruit.

My black berry plant wasn't looking to good though at the end of summer and when I read up on it's ailment it seemed like it needed potassium.

At the time I had some overripe bananas...Potassium rich! I blended them up skins and all and made a gooey banana smoothie, dug a little trench around the base of the balckberry and then covered it with soil.

And look at this now....all the gorgeous spring growth...

And a close up of the blossom...they are all over the plant and have the most beautiful baby pink on the edges.

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Isolet said...

We planted some num-nums. They grow VERY slow, but with the south-easter and the sea air they've been doing very well.