Tuesday, September 29, 2009



Today I had to plant up a new section that Superman built for me at our front gate. It's in full shade so no veggies here, just some pretties!

We let all the chickens out together as we are trying to integrate the two new girls. They are still very skittish.

This is Little P (named after a MTB World Champ - Steve Peat)

And this is Minnie (named after Greg Minaar - SA MTB Hero)

They are in a seperate coop during the day for a few days, but we will put them into the permanent coop tonight when the 4 existing girls start settling for the night. We hope this alleviates the pecking as they settle in.

While I was planting the new bed, Sam, our matriach decided to see what I was doing and hung around hoping for a worm or two.

Then I had to figure out a way to keep "big white dog" out of the flower bed. Somehow I think these stakes will not do much to protect them...


Bobbi said...

I love how nosey chickens are! Even thought ours are only a week old, I see the same thing happening in our future!

Love your garden. I will be picking your brain I am sure since im such a newbie! :)

the traditional gourmand said...

I can't wait until I have land for chickens. I am so looking forward to fresh eggs in the morning! Love your garden!

Wendy said...

Thanks for the comments. I have pout the new girls in with the older ones tonight and they had a little go at one another then settled on their roosting poles.

Hope all is well tomorrow with them.

Fresh eggs are something else! Only once you have had a freshly laid egg do you realize how stale and yuck ones are from the shop!

Bovey Belle said...

Have you tried pea mesh angled across your little patch on top of bean poles? I can remember tearing my hear out when our hens (totally free range to the point of insanity!) would always choose my frailest plants to go and have a dust bath by.

We used to introduce new chickens at night when they were all settling down to roost, and that seemed to ease the status quo a bit - not so much henpecking.

Wendy said...

Thanks for the tip re the pea mesh...so far "big white dog" hasn't killed the plants.

Our two new girls have settled in nicely with only two bouts of pecking. Yesterday they were relegated to the back of the coop by our four older girls, but today they are all sharing nicely! Reminds me of the toddler years!