Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sprouted seeds

Science says that if you plant a seed in soil and give it water and light it will grow...

I did expect this to happen, we were hoping for 5 days...we got sprouted seeds in 3. I planted in trays on Saturday and last night when we opened to water we found the kale, cucumber, and Swiss Chard already saying hello.



Just before this blog post I went to look again and my beet is up as well as some of my heirloom tomatoes and some of the exciting, I just had to share!


TLB said...

The first sign or sprouts is fun isn't it? :) By the way-if you are a gardening nerd (like me) and have the time you shuld totally check out I'm not spammig you or anything-it really is an awsome site :)
Just one question, where did you find your heirloom seeds in SA? I know about livingseeds and have got stuff from them-but if you know of another place do share?!

Wendy said...

Hi there

I used some from Living Seeds as well as from The Gravel Garden in Somerset West - contact Shannon thegravelgarden at telkomsa dot net... is her email. Just replace the at with @ and the dot with a dot :-)