Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Growing beans

On Monday evening I set up my runner bean poles for my second sowing. I like to sow about 2 weeks apart, but I know for prolific growers like beans it could be more. This year I am determined to can and freeze surplus produce hence the closer sowing times.

My darling mom brings me back organic seed from her annual visits to the UK. They even have the Prince of Wales stamp of approval on them...LoL!

Beans can be grown up any trellis for climbing varieties, which I prefer to bush beans.

We have these scarlet runner beans on an A-Frame, but in my main veggie garden I planted stakes in the ground and ran a support pole across the top.

Two bean seeds can be planted at the base of each cane. Keep the ground damp until they start to sprout. You should see then within 7 days with warm day time temps.


Louis Weyer said...

Please advise where I can obtain Scarlet Runner Bean seed.
Thank you,
Louis Weyer

Urban Homestead South Africa said...

Hi Louis

You can get them through