Sunday, September 27, 2009

Spinach & 3 cheese ravioli

My Swiss Chard Spinach has suddenly gone crazy and is delivering such gorgeous leaves. On Friday I decided to use what we had and make a meal using local ingredients - mainly homemade or homegrown! The only ingredient that I had to buy was some Peccorino & Feta cheese.

These are the ingredients: For the filling: Homemade cream cheese, Peccorino, Feta cheese, spinach, 1 egg. For the pasta: 4 eggs, flour, olive oil, salt water. For the sauce: 250ml cream (from my friend's cow!), 10 fresh sage leaves, butter and garlic.

Make the sauce first and set aside to be heated later. Melt the butter, fry the garlic, add the sage leaves and cream.

Mix the filling ingredients together, add steamed spinach that has been finely chopped.

Make the pasta dough

Roll out long strips of pasta. Spoon teaspoon fills onto the base...

Cover with a second pasta sheet. Press down around them to join the sheets.

Cut around the filling with a pasta cutter.

Boil in lots of salted water until they float. Spoon into the sauce to coat then into pasta bowls, sprinkle with Peccorino and enjoy with a "chatty little red" as my Dad used to say!

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Bovey Belle said...

I was thinking of making these last week, and you make it look so easy I think I will give them a whirl this week. Just need to get a bag of spinach. Many thanks.