Sunday, September 6, 2009

Preparing new ground

Today my elder daughter and I prepared the ground for our seedlings. We removed the sweet potato runners that need to go somewhere else, not sure where yet!

Then we added about 10 bags of our worm filled is thick and dark and free of smell.

We have in the past walked in this bed too much so we turned it over (sorry the no-dig enthusiasts) and then lay planks down that will be the walk ways.

We now have 4 mounded beds to be planted up. The second one I planted watermelon seeds. These melons are Amish heirloom ones called "Moon and Stars" which are apprently smaller than the big ones you find in the shops.

Can't wait! If you want to plant watermelons too for a summer snack please read the "how-to" here:


Linnie said...

Hi Wendy
I got the link to your blog from another blog. We’ve just re-do my rose garden and while finally preparing the ground, I told Christo about your raised bed vegetable garden. Now I must add, for years I long to have my own vegetable garden, but in Durbanville's clay soil, it is almost impossible. Every Saturday we drive to the organic market in Stellenbosch, for our organic vegetables. When I told Christo about the raised bed method, he was immediately interested. This week we plan to start a compost pile, take out shrubs at the side of our back yard and lay out two raised beds. Our eldest son is very much involved at a horse riding school in Durbanville and already got me 10 bags of horse manure for my rose garden and will get me some more for the vegetable garden.
Thank you so much for your inspiring blog and website. I am so excited!
Have a blessed week and abundant fruit on your vegetable garden this growing season!
Lots of love

Wendy said...

Hi Linnie

So nice to hook up with you here! Remeber to add some of that manure to the compost heap as it helps breakdown the organic matter!

All the best with the veggie season, hope to see you soon!