Thursday, November 5, 2009

The asparagus problem

I have a big gardening problem...I am running out of space - fast!

I have only two more beds to plan up and have to use those for annual crops not permanent ones.

Here's an indulgent confession - I love asparagus. Not like your normal "Oh look there is some asapragus to eat" more like a "Gimme gimme gimme MORE!" love!

So this winter we started 18 asparagus plants in our hotbox and they are ready for transplanting - but they have no where to go!

The ones above are the more mature plants from April this year. I have some others which are still only showing one frond that were planted in August.

Asparagus need about 1m square per plant to spread and grow over the 3 years before harvesting. I just do not have that kind of space to hand over permanently. We do have the new flower bed that Superman just created but that would mean that in winter when we cut the plant down we would have a bare patch.

The great thing is my mom arrives today for the weekend and I know she will help me find a solution...cause I gotta gotta gotta have my asparagus. Even if I have to wait 3 years for it.

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