Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thank goodness for bulbinella

Yesterday while there was a break in the constant rain that has been falling since Saturday I got stuck in and weeded my waist high corn.

We had added lots of manure to this bed a few weeks back and the problem with that is that all the weed seeds eaten by the horses tend to germinate.

There was one weed/nettle that had sprung up and when I grabbed it, it was like fire in my fingers. The burning was so painful I went to look for a local antihistamine...but I had none.

Then I remembered my Bulbinella plant which I always grow near my kitchen. It is an indigenous plant to SA and is useful for any wound, burn or sting. You simply break a leaf off and squeeze out the sticky sap and rub it on the sore area. Within a few minutes all burning had subsided.


Lin Georgina Green said...

Wow, it's so interesting reading about plats that I have absolutely encountered and couldn't imagine in a million years! Amazing! Must visit some day in this lifetime :)

Rina ... also Chester or Daisysmum. said...

I have proable seen the plant a million times but never knew... Something else that works is vinegar DD got stung at Margate Beach by blue bottles, and that the local Doctor told us to use. GS stepped into a neetle bush which stung his little foot and leg, out came the vinegar ... works great.

African Bliss said...

Hi Wendy, glad to see you're busy. Another antidote for stinging nettle, you take the leaf crush it and rub it over the sting, it really works. Bulbinella also works amazingly well on fever blisters.