Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Squash flowers

All my squashes (butternut, gem, pumpkin and courgette) are flowering so nicely. I have seen a cooking program where you stuff and fry squash flowers and always wanted to give it a try. I just tried a few to see if we like them...

First you need to determine the gender of the flower as you only use the male flowers.

The female always has a swollen fruit developing and in my garden they are much bigger than the male.

The male flower is smaller and has no fruit and drops off very easily.

Gently rinse the flowers and dry them...

Prepare a bowl with beaten egg and drop the flowers in there. Mix together some flour, paprika, salt and pepper in another bowl and then put the egg dipped flowers into the dflour til coated.

Fry and serve with sweet chilli sauce.

They were so yummy that next time I am going to try to stuff them with ricotta and then fry.


Lin Georgina Green said...

Ahhh! Squash, how I miss thee... We are going into our winter season here in CA and are already longing for spring. Thanks for sharing this, I had no idea the male squash flowers drop off, thought I had been doing something wrong the whole time! :D


Linda said...

It is so strange, being in the US, to read and see garden vegetables growing and blooming in mid Autumn... it does give hope for us of thing to come... oh in about 6 months!lol Thanks for sharing! I really enjoy your blog!

Wendy said...

Hi Ladies, thanks for dropping in at my blog.

I made more battered flowers last night which topped my Thai Red Curry and they were great!

Winter is always such a dormat season, isn't it? Our Summer has been slow coming with wind, cold and rain...but it is eventually here and I can literally see things growing overnight!