Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mundane Jobs

There are some very mundane jobs that have to happen in the garden. The first is dealing with the garden shed. Another is tidying we get really strong winds at this time of year and besides for being quite draining on energy supplies, they make a lot of mess.

On Sunday I decided to revamp and clean up the area outside my kitchen door. After the weeks storms it was much needed. This is where I grow my chillies and herbs. It is also where I start my seedlings.

I also had a pot with a huge rhubarb plant that needed to be transplanted and a Cape Gooseberry that was casting shade on the roots of my vine.

The other thing that needed attention was the spent annuals. We planted these in small troughs all along the veggie fence and they were now done for the year.

The vine bed had the fennel removed and made into a yummy soup when my mom was here a week ago. This left space for my rhubarb (which had a hair cut and ended up being pudding last night with custard) and for some little gooseberry plants.

The big Gooseberry in the pot was also trimmed and moved.

And all the seedlings that could be transplanted were settled into new beds, troughs planted up with lettuce and more chillies and the whole area swept.

In the grand scheme of making a food garden, this doesn't seem like much, but we all feel a wonderful feeling of accomplishment when we look out our kitchen door and see a neat area with new things growing and older plants thriving.

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Laurie said...

I'm with you in spirit - we just recently tackled cleaning out two of our raspberry beds, and it's amazing how such a modest task can bring such a feeling of accomplishment. It's great to look out at the place and see things in order.