Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Morning visitors

I love going into my garden early in the morning. I am normally up from 5.30 for my excercise session and there is still dew and that fresh crispness in the air even though summer is threatening to burst into full swing.

I see all the squash flowers at their best - wide open waiting for a visitor...

Earlier in the year we were looking into getting a hive. I contacted the Honey Bee Association and bought their book to read. I am allergic to bees so wanted to think it through very carefully before getting a hive.

Not even two chapters in we realized that having a hive would not be an option for our home. We simple don't have enough space. They recommend that a hive not be within 100 m of your home and we just don't have that ground space.

So we went to plan B! Lots of flowers and hanging baskets. Superman took care of this for us with his surprise a few months ago and we planted borage wherever we could.

So even though we don't get the honey, these little morning visitors come to pollinate my flowers and we eat the product of their work.

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