Saturday, November 14, 2009

Out with the old - in with the new

We have had rain for a week. It put all my planting and garden work on hold but it was good for the earth. My cabbages are finally done so this area was freed up this week and I have been chomping at the bit to plant it up.

It's a nice size area and with the A-frames I can maximize the space. I had to remove a shrub first, seeing that Superman and Robyn are away for the weekend, the job fell to me. After some serious digging and heaving and moaning and digging I was able to get it out and preserve the root ball. This shrub is now replanted elsewhere - hope it survives.

I have divided the area as follows: The A-frame at the back will have loofahs growing as my first batch died... :-( so I planted those seeds today. The A-frame to the left has my second planting of cucumbers. They should show themselves in a few days.

The back section, closest to the loofahs is for some Black Aztec Corn. Apparently one can eat it while young like sweetcorn, but when it dries it goes blue/black. This is then ground into a polenta. Sounds interesting, but this is really a favour for someone as he needs some dried cobs back for his seed collection.

The front section is allocated for half my carbon tomatoes, also a "black" vegetable. Apparently it is the best tasting tomato "in the world". They have been carefully nurtured from seed. We orginally planned to grow them upside down, but they are a large fruit so into the ground they go!

In the front of this are some Swiss Chard plants that are still bearing - I will let them run their course until I feed and turn that bed. I am thinking of planting another watermelon plant there...but these days I change my mind like the weather. I guess I am allowed to do that!?!

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Katidids said...

You've been a busy lady! I love checking in and seeing what you have growing. That black corn I'd love to see!