Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cooking with Gordon @#$& Ramsay

Gosh! It's been a week since I last posted...but with our internet connection being down, a friends 40th and a bad dose of sinus I just haven't got to my blog. However lots has been happening in our home.

This past week was the Good Food & Wine Show in Cape Town. Superman offered to book me a spot to cook with Gordon Ramsay as he was visiting the show. My more frugal nature couldn't justify the cost of it and then I was also doubtful whether my poor ears could handle the swearing.

The thing is I love watching BBC Food and recently watched Kitchen Nightmares. It was through this program that I actually decided that I liked "the bad boy in cooking." Anyone who watches BBC Food will know that he has an unfortunate tendency to swear at every second word.

But there was something else that we learnt about this chef...he has a BIG heart! He didn't only fix dirty kitchens and failing businesses, he actually cared deeply about the people he was working with.

Hence the offer that Superman made which I lovingly refused. BUT...I did get myself a new cook book and have been trying some recipes this week:

For Sunday brunch we had buckwheat pancakes with salmon, sour cream, capers ad basil leaves. Outstanding!

Last night I made his coleslaw...our mayonnaise! Sublime.

Healthy seeded bread...made two loaves and ate one with butternut soup at lunch today.

So far these have all been winner recipes definately to be repeated.


Tanya said...

They look restaurant quality! Are they all out of the same book? Which one?

Lois Evensen said...

Oh, my that looks so good! You certainly have your own touch to make them turn out beautifully!


Christine said...

Oh, yummm! Those buckwheat pancakes with salmon, sour cream, capers and basil look divine!!

I actually became quite fond of Ramsay in "The F Word", awful title, but really, really great show!

Wendy said...

Hi all,

The book is called "Healthy Appetite - recipes from the F word"

They are delicious...and full if fresh healthy ideas.

It's worth purchasing.