Sunday, May 23, 2010

The need for a TO-DO list

Either as a running list during the week or by taking a couple of minutes on Saturday I like to make a to do list before Sunday hits. Sunday is our big garden day and the kids and I always like to know how much work we have to do.

I allow them to put their initials next to the jobs to "book" the job, but they can't take all the easy jobs, they have to think about their younger siblings so that the workload is shared.

Today my elder son and Superman replaced all the fences that we used to stop Big White Dog from killing the lawn. BWD had learnt to now jump those fences and in the process had knocked over many.

This triangular bed houses our chillies, rhubarb (which has just been cut) and sweet potatoes. It is unfortunately in shade for most of the day in winter but we should get a decent crop in early summer.

Our asparagus is doing well and we have just repotted the oldest plants for their 3rd and final time. We will have to have decided on a spot for them by September. We have some ideas in mind but we cannot move on them right now.

We are still spending lots of garden time sweeping up the leaves which make such a mess in the garden, but I try to stay optimistic and remember what my mom said that they are good compost material...

It gives a person such a sense of achievement to walk around a cleaned tidy garden in the evening after all the work is done. I think that is one of the big motivations for getting through the to do list each week.

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Lois Evensen said...

Yes, a list is so very helpful and it feels so good to finish the things that you have on it. Your Fall garden looks lovely.