Saturday, May 22, 2010

A little more canning

This past Sunday we picked all our chillies and rhubarb and canned them. I made a green chilli sauce that will test anyones manhood! I simple chopped the stalks off, and put them in a pot with onions, a couple of tomatoes and some sugar. I then cooked until soft and then used my stick blender to smooth.

Then I tried a recipe from Balls Book of Canning for my rhubarb. A very interesting Rhubarb and Orange Chutney was the result.

Then on Tuesday we bought 5kgs of delicious ripe tomatoes and I made pasta sauce which I use as a base for many dishes. This is made simply by chopping the tomatoes, adding some onion, garlic, celery, basil and grated carrot.

When it is reduced I use my stick blender to make it smooth. I prefer to freeze this rather than can as I have more space in my freezer than in my cupboards.

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Lois Evensen said...

Oh, how yummy! We are on the opposite time of the year here. I just must collect the good things and can this Fall! There is nothing like opening something you've canned yourself in the middle of the winter and enjoying all that goodness.

Thanks for the images and inspiration.