Thursday, May 20, 2010

Two exciting things today...

Our raw olives have arrived from Paarl. I had hoped for Calamata but these are Black Mission which are almost as good. In the raw state they are much cheaper, but I can also make sure that only the purest ingredients are used to cure them.

I will post tomorrow on how we are curing them this year as I am going to try a different recipe this time around. I ordered 20kg's, but only used 12kg's and them roped some friends in at 2kg's a time to give it a try.

Then the second exciting thing is that I asked on Freecycle Cape Town if anyone had any wool for me and someone did! This also came today...what a wonderful stash of colors to make into squares for our project this year. Thank you, Mignon!

We are 20 squares into our goal with 80 left to go. I now knit when I wait at sports, in front of the TV, when my children read to me actually anytime I can.


Tanya said...

looking forward to your olives post. Thats a great idea to buy them like that and it hadn't occurred to me before. I'll definitely be making enquiries.

Lois Evensen said...

Wow, yes, those are two exciting things! I, too, will enjoy seeing your olive post.

I've been the recipient of yarn stashes, too. It is like Christmas to get them and immediately start to put them to good use. :)


Liana said...

Hi, PLEASE let me know where you ordered the olives from?

Been reading your blog for a while, was very excited to find a South African blog amongst all the international ones!