Sunday, May 2, 2010

Seasons come and seasons go

Despite my plans for today, I woke up with a very sore back from my rock climbing this week. Because "Why I Went Rock Climbing" is a long story and not relevant to this blog I will not go into it, suffice to say that my back is sore!

That meant no heavy work in the garden and a rather reduced TO DO list for the day. As I was repondering my list I was thinking about seasons. We are heading into winter and autumn has left its mark. While I love the beauty of the autumn leaves, I find autum a very messy season. Then comes winter with all the snow and frost here, just days of wind and rain. Spring comes with promises and beauty and summer with heat and work.

If you will allow me a little analogy, I feel like I am in autumn right now. My life is a little unorganized and messy but not without hope. Busy-ness is really an enemy of organization but I know that I cannot continue to keep my fingers in all these pies if I don't get back into the organized state I was in a while back.

This is not a revelation, just a thought that has been running around my head for a few weeks. So today I decided that we would do a little organizing of cupboards. Yesterday I did a big grocery shop as I have eventually gotten my head around stockpiling and have a plan.

My mom was here this week and gave the vine a good prune.

As a tree has to shed leaves for winter dormancy I had to shed some clutter to make space for the new. I am not going to be adding shelves to my home to carry my stockpile just yet as all I want to do is have enough for three months and I feel we can make do with what shelves we have.

The three areas we organized were a little alcove that holds my sewing, scrapbooking, knitting and odds. Most of the odds were set aside to give away and the other things sorted. There will now be plenty of space for our toiletries and non perishable stockpile here as the floor is now clear of all items and has lots of space.

Then we sorted our grocery cupboard and got rid of anything that was too old to use. I hate wasting, but there were somethings that got hidden behind new things and forgotten.

Then we sorted the baking centre. As the girls bake they often hurriedly put things into this cupboard and it was a shocker. It still needs more decluttering but has to do for now.

Perhaps tomorrow we will truly sort this last area, but for now, I need to rest my back.


Lois Evensen said...

Oh, you so remind me of the sorting and pitching I should do when I get home. Congrats on getting into it and really doing it. Now I wonder if I'll be able to do that, too. :)


Nadene said...

I love your seasons of life analogy. I look forward to your stockpiling tips - and all the benefits ...
I have saved so much money the last 2 months just by not having to have to go shop weekly, and purchase the spur-of-the-moment stuff! Hope your back recovers soon!