Thursday, May 6, 2010

Of all the things we have done...

It is storming outside, a real wild wet Cape winter storm. I woke at 5.30 with one thing on my mind - my chickens! They are safe in their coop and for the most part dry unless the wind blows rain in from the front of the coop.

Having looked in on them they are still on their perches and seem fine, so here I sit early in the morning with a blanket on my knees and a lovely cup of organic coffee to drink.

Of all the things we have done in the last 2 years - can you believe it will be 2 yrs in June! - I think where we have experienced most savings and joy is from our chickens.

We have had two moments where we were very worried as two of our chickens got sick, but we nursed then back to health by hand feeding and watering every hour. Besides for that we have felt so excited each evening when we go to feed them their dinner and find eggs.

Who could think that something you can buy so cheaply in a store could bring someone so much joy? Even now in winter we are getting 4 - 6 eggs a day. Is this signs of happy chickens? I think so.

A delicious vegetable and bacon frittata.

I do anticipate the laying to slow down some now that we are having short cold wet days but this only make a small adjustment to our meals. One of our favourite uses for our eggs is a frittata. We like to have an easy meal for Sunday dinner and this is one of those meals that go a long way with a nice loaf of freshly baked oat bread.

A fresh salad of baby spinach leaves, radishes, nasturium and sugar snap peas.

We find that we use our eggs everyday for baking, pasta, gnocchi, breakfasts and more, but we save our eggs from Friday to Sunday for our Sunday supper. There used to be an advert on TV here for Farmer Brown chickens which said :"They taste so good, cos they eat so good." I don't think we will ever eat one of our chickens even when they go off the lay, but the chickens eggs sure do taste so good, cos they eat so good.


Tanya said...

That salad has my mouth watering!

Lois Evensen said...

Good morning,

It is breakfast time here so I'd like to order a bacon frittata, please. I'm sure it is extra wonderful with fresh eggs. :)


Nadene said...

Just a look at the orange-yellow yolks in your home-grown eggs and you know that you have healthy chickens. I called mine "shine-shine yolks" and I loved my chickens and could watch them all day!

Shana said...

Organic coffee? Please tell me more...

dschilz said...

I love your blogs! I wish I could have chickens but I have 2 feisty yorkies and 3 huge cats... Not a great idea! But reading about them is awesome!