Tuesday, December 21, 2010


After a week of no school I am beginning to feel like some sanity is returning. We have not had a real away holiday for about 3 years and miss our long annual camping trips. But as Superman says:"No work, no pay!" Being self employed is like that, I suppose.

The other night Superman and a friend, who is also self employed, came up with an idea to be holiday makers in our own town. Cape Town is one of the premier holiday making destinations in the world. We really have everything here from beautiful beaches to majestic mountains, fauna and flora, shopping and experiences.

Last night we had a picnic at the gorgeous dam at the top of our mountain...the water is safe to swim in and deliciously cool on such hot summer days. The kids love to catch and release the fish that come to eat bread out of your hands. The grown ups like to bob about in the water...we make the little ones stay on boogie boards for safety.

This morning at 8 we headed down to the beach to pull white mussel from the sand. After a while your hands and feet get used to the icy water as this ocean is on the side of Cape Town where the cold Benguela current runs up from the south.

The pickings were slim and hard going...so we turned our attention to the black mussel on the rock rather. I am not fussy when it comes to seafood, I love it all. White mussell is delicious when cleaned fried in a light batter and eaten as is with lemon juice, made into a white wine and cream sauce and served on rice or made into a soup. Black mussel is great in garlic, cream and white wine too.

They take a couple of hours to clean themselves left in a bucket of sea water and then you steam them before cooking in your sauce. Besides for these sea creatures there was a lot of other beauty there.

Please note: You need a fishing permit to remove any seafood from the oceans.

Aaah...holidays...I wonder what Superman will think of next?


grammie g said...

Hi Wendy...what a fabulous post!!
What great and interesting fun you all had!!
The pictures are great..what a beautiful place!!
Your making my mouth water ..I love mussels!!!

Rose said...

Superman is right. We have been self employed for over ten years and we holiday at home. The south coast of NSW is a holiday destination for thousands -- we have the luxury of living here. :)

Linda said...

Such beautiful photos!

Luxury Traveler said...

Woowww! Nice photos. It made me want to have luxury South Africa holidays too.