Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The time has come!

Yesterday evening in a howling Cape Town wind I decided it was time to plant.

A lot of the corn I planted in newspaper pots were ready and the patty pans that I got from Living Seeds were standing tall.

I turned over the lucerne into the earth and while it is not as full bodied as the soil in the rest of the garden I believe that this soil can grow these plants to maturity.

There are 12 patty pan plants and 32 corn planted, and there are still more corn to go in when they are ready. I also planted 10 tomato plants. Today I want to plant my seed potatoes too.

And then a thank you...a little bird left a gift in my postbox yesterday. I know it has to be someone who reads my blog and who is local, so I just want to say thank is lovely and I will enjoy using it. Hugs to you!

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