Monday, December 20, 2010

A pond update

After work on Saturday and today our pond is looking good.

All the offcuts from the fences we used to make a border. It took a while, but we got a little production line going and measured and cut the pieces to 40cm, next one marked two wholes 10cm apart, the next one drilled the holes, then we thread them onto two lengths of wire. This used up all the uneven offcuts and made a bendable border for these curvy edges.

I took all the pot bound plants that were in the back paved area and planted them around the pond. Not quite water plants but my budget is spent and we must make do. I also planted some marigold and sunflower seeds around the pond.

My mom will bring me some of her tadpoles next week...then I want to get 2 plants to put in the pond.

These are the last two beds that we completed on Saturday while the boys laid the gravel. I have planted a grapevine to grow along the fence in the first along with salads. The tripod has cucmbers planted at the 4 corners.

The right hand bed in the picture has celery, beans, leeks and beets and butternut to grow up the tripod. Right at the fence I have 2 loofahs planted.

And now, the beds are all we wait.....

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Anonymous said...

wow! your garden looks great! and i love the pond as well. fantastic! do you think you'll attract any frogs/amphibians? if so what kind?