Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Chickens

When we pulled up the, albeit struggling, lawn in the last area to be converted to veggies I did feel a twinge of guilt for my chickens. We do give them lots of greens and pick grass for them but there is something lovely seeing them wandering around on lawn.

Today I decided to let them into this area where the lucerne is growing around 5 cm high. I figured we could handle a loss to some of it and give them a chance to get some tasty new greens.
They in fact bypassed the lucerne and headed straight for a pile of sand and had the most wonderful time sandbathing and sun tanning.

I love the way they lie half on their sides and stick out their one leg to sun tan :-)


Anonymous said...

i love that about our chooks too :)
i've been lurking around your blog so far, but must tell you that i really love it and have found great inspiration here.

happy holidays to you and yours!

Amoya said...

I am excited to get chickens on monday great post!