Monday, December 27, 2010

A wildlife pond

Because it was my son's idea to have a wildlife pond to encourage birds back to our garden, he got the honors yesterday of adding the tadpoles my mom brought from her water feature.

Mom and I had fun today putting in some reeds and other water plants, decorating the edges and surrounds.
We have a pair of pigeons who have spent all day at the feeder and hanging around the rocks around the pond.

Oneday we hope for frogs, more tadpoles (obviously), a variety of birds, insects and any other critter who wants to make our garden their home.


Ellie said...

It's wonderful to see your place coming back to life! It must have been difficult for you to cut down all the trees in order to prepare the space for homegrown food and fruit, but it's going to be great!

Anonymous said...

if you pile up some flatish stones, so that the water is no more than 1cm deep over them you'll get a lot of birds coming down for a bath :)