Sunday, March 13, 2011

Inside and outside today.

My list for the garden was quite long today so we attacked it nice and early again. The biggest things were pruning the grape vine. Sadly we got no grapes this year as it was attacked by a fungus. I need to look into the treating of this vine...I was a bit negligent with it.

We also harvested some more corn, the last beans, some chillies and lots more green peppers. We have loads more corn to go...really happy about that.
The potatoes we planted in December have died back, and it was a nice, but not near what I expected, harvest. We have all sizes to enjoy over the next little while. In this bed we dug in compost and planted broad beans.

We also transplanted some sweet potato vines, banked another set of potatoes, planted out chard stated in newspaper pots and did a general tidy up.

Inside - I have been convicted for a while about heating up the oven for daily bread and am trying a new thing - I made 4 loaves of wholewheat bread, 3 of which I will slice and freeze for the week. One will be used tomorrow.

While the oven was on my daughter made butter rolls for lunch and I made Rhonda's whole orange cake. It won't last long as it is scrumptious.

I also made an upside down apple cake - that's for teatime later.

Now it's time for a lie down!


Linda said...

Your garden is looking lovely. We usually make wine each year in March, depending on our grape crop. We have had 2 wonderful crops in a row and didn't make wine this year and we had so many grapes so we should have:) We have planted out three veggie beds this weekend.
Take care

Lois Evensen said...

I agree your garden looks wonderful.

I've tried that "make bread ahead" thing and am not happy with freezing it. It's just not the same after being frozen, then thawed. I do multi-task with the oven, though, and prepare more than one item at once.

Love that upside down cake! Now I have to go make one. ;)

Tuinmeisie said...

Hi Wendy,

Have you ever tried cooking your bread dough in a pot on the stove or in a plastic bag, in water on the stove? It also saves on heating up the oven.

Im also harvesting corn, beans, chillies, basil and green peppers now.

Out Back said...

Our grapevines need a good pruning this year as they didn't produce any grapes last season.

Your garden is looking healthy, and I am so jealous of your cooking, it looks so homely and delicious. I have bought my ingredients for bread making so I must get to it soon.

Have a great day,


Christine said...

Wow, you have been busy! Isn't it great to have a good tidy up? I must get cracking and set some time aside for one here. Fresh corn in the best! My eldest is trying an experiment - she is drying a cob and is then hoping to make popcorn with it :)

Wendy said...

Linda, I am so glad you have your beds planted - do you get frost up there during winter?

Lois, yes I am concerned that the frozend bread will just not measure up.

Tuinmeisie, I have never cook bread on the stove top before, I do have a bread machine but it needs a service.

Tania, bread making used to be the central thing in days gone by, I think it is one of those things that we can "take back" so easily, with just a little planning.

Christine, popcorn! Now thats a thing to try, will remember to get a nice ear of corn to dry.