Sunday, March 6, 2011

The 3 stooges!

This year we have had a great butternut harvest. These are 3 of the first 4 we harvested. We got another 3 today and still have some beauties growing in the garden.

Last night I made butternut gnocchi with one, and served it with a sage-butter sauce and a green salad. Yummy.
The basic recipe is 1 part roasted mashed butternut to 1 part flour to 1 egg. I had 3 eggs so we had a lot of dough. I also added salt, pepper and a cup of grated parmesan.

You roll it out in potions into snakes and cut off little dumplings.

Then boil it in salted water until they float. Drain and quickly pour the butter over. Top with grated parmesan.