Thursday, June 23, 2011

For the love of coriander

It goes by many names - coriander...dhania...cilantro....but I love it no matter what you call it.

At the moment we have loads of coriander growing just outside my kitchen door interplanted with the chilli bushes.

With all the rain we have been having we have been enjoying lots of curries...which if I am honest is just and excuse for me to use my coriander :-) However last night we had Peanut Butter's how:

1kg deboned chicken breast cubed marinated in:
~80ml soya sauce
~60ml lemon juice
~30ml brown sugar
~2 cloves
~1 star anise
~1 chilli
~10cm piece of lemon peel - heat all of these til sugar melts and pour over chicken. Leave to marinate for 40 mins.

Make the peanute butter sauce by:
~ fry one chopped onion, 10cm grated ginger & 4 cloves of garlic in some peanut oil.
~ add 1 small chopped chilli
~ add 300ml crunchy peanut butter
~ add 1 can of coconut milk

Heat and then allow to stand on a low heat while you fry the marinaded chicken in batches. I used peanut oil for this too.

When all the chicken is cooked, add back to the pan and pour peanut butter sauce over the chicken. Serve on basmati rice with chopped chillies and COPIOUS amounts of coriander.


Shu Han said...

I LOVE coriander! i guess you really either love it or hate it because my friend absolutely detests it. oh well. btw that recipe sounds lovely, though that amount of coriander on top is definitely not enough for me hehehe. try making a pesto with it (: yum.

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Sherrin said...

I have written this out as it sounds delicious - maybe with a little less chilli as we never eat it!